Destination Aruba

Destination Aruba

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you know, David and I are travelers. We love to be on the move and take several trips a year. Just between now and March 2014, we have 4 trips planned. We have two bucket lists, one for the US and the other for overseas, and we are slowly whittling away at both. I'm a water baby by nature, so I love a good beach vacation. We went to Jamaica and Grand Cayman last year, and we're going to a cruise to St. Thomas, Barbados, St Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Marteen this year. Next on my list; Aruba!

Their clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches call out to my soul. I dream of being lulled asleep each evening in an overwater bungalow for two. Eating a traditional Aruban breakfast of pastechi and fresh makapruim or shimarucu each morning with only the soothing sound of the waves gently rolling below us.

I imagine my days filled with horseback riding on the beaches, kayaking, and discovering underwater treasures snorkeling. Of going on a safari adventure through the arid Aruban desert where the landscape boasts rangy divi-divi trees, candlestick cacti, and aloe plants in abundance. I want to explore Fontein Cave where ceiling drawings were left by the indigenous Caquetio Indians of the Arawak tribe nearly 4,000 years ago. I want to explore the 300 foot passageway of Huliba Cave known for it's heart shaped entrance.

By evening I can see myself in Oranjestad dancing with the locals at the Bonbini Festival and dining on fresh frog legs, and mahi mahi and finally finishing the night off with slice of bolo di cashupete and a cup of Dutch coffee! The things I want to do and see on Aruba are endless. When David and I travel, we like to immerse ourselves in the local culture. We want to eat where the locals eat, shop where they shop, and play where they play. We want to see and do it all, and beautiful Aruba is no exception! Our bucket lists are long, but Aruba is right at the top. I can't wait to set a date and start doing some very real planning. For me, planning a trip is almost as fun as the trip itself. So, if any of you have already been to, or live in, Aruba, and have Aruba travel suggestions for a must-see or do, please leave them in the comments below! We're always open to new adventures!

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  1. June 23, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    Aruba is on our list! Oh along with about 50 other countries :) Thanks for helping to nudge it back up closer to the top.

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