HelloFresh Review and Coupon Code

HelloFresh Review and Coupon Code

How many of you have wondered what happened to the days of calling in a grocery list to our friendly grocer and having it biked over by some sweet, well-mannered neighbor boy, like Wally or the Beav?

It seems to me that the women of today, between full-time jobs, soccer games, and scheduled play dates, need that service far more than our mothers and grandmothers did back in the ’50’s!

How hard could it have been to get up in the morning, shower, slap a face on and throw a dress over your beehived head to make breakfast for Ward and the kids? As far as I can tell, the rest of their day was spent tidying up beds, running a vacuum, and sucking down martini’s and Winton’s over a friendly game of Gin Rummy. 

Planning and making healthy meals with fresh ingredients today isn’t so easy. By the time most of us get home from work or from spending the day schlepping the kids around, we just don’t have the time or energy to grocery shop for, and cook, some complicated recipe, no matter how well-intentioned we may be.  

So, as someone who loves to cook (and eat!) and is dedicated to putting healthy, nutritious, and fresh foods on our table, I’m always looking for time-saving tips and other ways to make my life easier. With HelloFresh, I hit the jackpot!

Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door

HelloFresh is a subscription meal-kit delivery service that delivers exact, pre-measured ingredients to your door each week for chef created recipes that you can cook in 30 minutes or less. Choosing from their Classic Box or Veggie Box, with servings for 2, 4, or 6 people, all you have to do is sit down to your computer and select 3 recipes each week. HelloFresh will do all the shopping for you and they’ll even ship it to you for free!

Along with the fresh ingredients, HelloFresh also sends along a full color, step by step instruction card for each recipe, making the whole process virtually beginner-proof!



 HelloFresh Classic Box

HelloFresh sent me their Classic Box which included 3 complete meals for 2 people. The portion sizes were generous and more than enough for David and I.

Inside the boxed cooler, I found cold, fresh meats and vegetables separately bagged and clearly marked for each recipe. I had all the ingredients, including everything from fresh meats to spices, for Seared Steak with Tomato SaladOrzo Risotto with Buttery Shrimp, and Golden Beet Pilaf with Chicken and Goat Cheese.

And all 3 meals were incredibly delicious! 


 Seared Steak with Tomato Salad and Rosemary Potatoes

David and I both love Rosemary Potatoes so this was the first recipe I made. Using the recipe card provided, I followed the simple step-by-step instructions to prep and cook this meal. It just couldn’t have gotten any easier!

I will say, though, that I was surprised by the quality and size of sirloin included for this recipe. The steak was a very lean 12 ounce cut and was incredibly tender after cooking. It was exactly the quality of meat I would have purchased for this meal.


The bag for this recipe included everything you see pictured above, including 2 packets of Grey Poupon Dijon mustard and 1 tbsp of white wine vinegar! All I had to provide was 3 tbsp of Olive oil, 1 tbsp of butter, and salt & pepper. 

On the front of the instruction card is the list of tools you will need, as well as the ingredient list and nutrition facts.

For this recipe, the only tools needed were a knife, spoon, baking sheet, frying pan, bowl, and a whisk. All things you’d likely find in the most scarcely stocked kitchen. 

On the back of the card I found simple, step-by-step instructions for prepping and cooking. The only changes I made to the recipe was that, after boiling the potatoes, I sliced them in half before frying. I really wanted the rosemary and butter to infuse the potatoes and get a nice brown crust on them.

Even with that tiny change, the whole process took less than 30 minutes, and we had a delicious and nutritious home cooked meal!


David and I both loved this dinner, but we especially enjoyed the Dijon mustard, olive oil, and white wine vinegar dressing on the tomato salad. It was simple, but incredibly fresh and flavorful! We agreed this meal was a winner and it would be a regular on our table. 

(est) Nutrition per serving; Calories: 671, Fat: 17 g, Carbs: 73 g, Protein: 57 g

Orzo Risotto with Buttery Shrimp

This meal was so good, I’ve already made it again! Yes, we enjoyed it that much. 

Again, everything needed for this recipe, including the 1/4 c of parmesan cheese, was provided by HelloFresh. The only ingredient I needed to provide was 4 tbsp of butter. 

The ½ lb of shrimp was already peeled and deveined so all I needed to do was give them a good rinse. 


This recipe was a super simple 2 pot meal. I used a high-sided frying pan for the shrimp and veggies, and my 2 qt pot for the orzo. Other than that, all I needed to prep and cook this delicious meal was a strainer, bowl, cutting board, and a knife. 


The orzo instead of rice in this recipe was a nice change and really made this recipe quick and easy. It was so creamy and both the shrimp and asparagus were timed perfectly. (There’s nothing worse than rubbery shrimp and limp, soggy asparagus!) The asparagus was tender but still had a nice crunch to it, and the lemon zest was the perfect accent to the shrimp. It added a nice freshness to this recipe.

There is no doubt this is a new favorite around here. 

(est) Nutrition per serving; Calories: 671, Fat: 17 g, Carbs: 73 g, Protein: 57 g

Golden Beet Pilaf with Chicken and Goat Cheese

I intentionally saved this recipe for last because I wasn’t sure how I’d like the beets. I don’t know that I’ve ever cooked with beets, though I do enjoy a couple of slices of pickled beets from time to time. Also, because I don’t care for nuts, I’ve never had toasted almonds on anything. 

So, because I wanted to cook and eat these recipes just as instructed, I waited to make this one last. I just honestly didn’t think I’d care for it.

Well, I’m not sure I could have been more wrong! Honestly. This recipe was simply incredible and, without a doubt, my personal favorite. I loved everything about it, especially the toasted almonds!


The only way I can really describe the beets in this recipe is to say they added interest to it. I’m sure this recipe would have still been delicious without them, but they just added an element of surprise that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. 

Thinking about this dinner, I can still taste the creamy goat cheese. Okay, I adore goat cheese, so that’s not a huge surprise.

The arugula and lemon were the perfect companions to this dish and the almonds were pure perfection. There was absolutely nothing about this recipe that I didn’t enjoy. 

In fact, I’ve already purchased the ingredients to make this meal again!

(est) Nutrition per serving; Calories: 795, Fat: 27 g, Carbs: 93 g, Protein: 45 g


Restaurant Quality

HelloFresh recipes are designed by a Michelin-starred Manhattan restaurant, and it shows. Each of the recipes provided were of restaurant quality and taste.

All 3 recipes were so simple and delicious that I wish I’d had a service like this when I was first married and just learning to cook. It would have been so helpful in learning how to prep, time, and cook a meal. I remember especially struggling with cook times and too often turned a quality piece of meat into leather.  

But the HelloFresh instructions were clear and simple enough that even a novice could prepare these recipes in 30 minutes or less, with the most basic kitchen utensils.

And HelloFresh isn’t only the perfect solution for busy moms or the kitchen newbie, it’s also perfect for dinner parties or cooking a first meal for someone special.

Good Value for Your Money

At $69 for the Classic Box, which contains everything for 3 fresh, healthy, and delicious dinners for 2 people, that’s just $23 per meal or $11.50 per person/per meal! In today’s economy, you’re hard-pressed to get an unhealthy, processed fast-food meal for 2 under $20!

But if that’s not enough of a value, the great people at HelloFresh have generously offered to give my readers $30 off their first box! Just enter SB4G2KR at checkout!

I hope this review of HelloFresh was helpful to you,and to learn more about HelloFresh, please visit them on Facebook and Twitter.  

This is a sponsored post. Hello Fresh sent me one (1) Classic Box, which included 3 complete meals for 2 people, for review. This post was written by me, and all opinions contained therein are my own. HelloFresh is responsible for coupon code fulfillment.
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