Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats, Weeks 5 & 6

Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats, Weeks 5 & 6

Born To Be Free


By the beginning of the fifth week, I was comfortable enough in the Littles comfort with their training to, again, allow them free run of the house. I removed the barrier to the upstairs, but still kept the bedroom doors closed.

Same Tune, Different Verse


Mock toilet with 4oz sour cream container.

We started this week as we had the previous weeks with a thorough bathroom cleaning and larger water container.

This time I used a 4oz plastic Daisy sour cream tub. I will admit, because this container was considerably larger than the small Pounce jar, I was worried about how they would receive the change.

While they ate breakfast, I went about the task of scrubbing down the bathroom, their mock toilet, and the bathroom floor. When everything was again disinfected, I added to their fresh litter the new container filled with water. Waiting about 30 minutes after breakfast and their morning play, I, again, took to locking us all away in the bathroom and allowed them to discover the change on their own.

And, it didn’t take long!

Being my brave one, and never the one to dawdle, Lily immediately jumped up to inspect the new container. After giving it a good sniff she apparently decided she liked the added convenience of a water bowl in her litter, and drank from it!



After taking her time getting a drink of water, Lily quickly made and stood on our toilet seat to watch the transfer and to receive her fish flakes.

While Lily and Atticus watched the water show, Jasmine jumped over to their mock toilet from the vanity and scratched around in the litter. Although she didn’t cry or show any real signs of stress, she did go around in circles a couple times to find a comfortable position around the larger container. It seemed she realized she was slowly being squeezed out of the sitz bath with this new container.

Although she hadn’t yet positioned her front paws on the toilet seat, she was realizing she was losing real estate.

Finally Atticus decided he was ready to do his business, as well, and after sniffing and digging around a bit, he positioned himself directly over the water container in the front of the sitz bath, placed 3 paws on the toilet seat and both peed and pooped in the water container! Again! (Oh, if only he were a real boy! With his aim, I can’t even tell you how fast I’d have a basketball or golf club in his hands!)

Easily adjusting to the larger sour cream tub, this week also passed without any accidents and is stress free. (at least for the Littles).

Please continue following our toilet training journey at Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats, Weeks 7 and 8.

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