Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats, Weeks 3 & 4

Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats, Weeks 3 & 4

With the beginning of week three, it was time again to graduate to a larger water container.

This time I used an empty 3 oz. Pounce cat treat container. It was small in diameter, and still fit under their toilet seat, but it was tall enough to keep them from filling it with litter when they dug around. (Lily is an especially aggressive digger, usually flinging litter all over the floor, as well as their toilet seat and ours.)  And, according to the relaxedcat schedule, we would stick with this size for two weeks instead of just one.

While the Littles ate breakfast, I quickly went through what was now my new bathroom cleaning routine. Once everything was sanitized, I refilled their sitz bath with fresh litter and added the Pounce jar with water and locked us all in the bathroom. Only stopping to give it a brief sniff and once over, they all proceeded to quickly pee and poo.

All told, including praise, treats, and water show, we were out of the bathroom in less than 10 minutes that morning! Feeling assured that they were comfortable with the new water container, again, after that first day, I allowed them to freely use the potty as needed and made sure to only be on hand to pass out their fish flakes and praise.


Mock toilet with Pounce jar

  Taking A Stance

Along with a new week and new, larger container, came an interesting new development. I had noticed that while Jasmine was still standing in the litter, Lily and Atticus had begun to position their front paws on the toilet seat to go both poo and pee.

It would be interesting to see how their stance would progress with the changes in water container size.

Head Of The Class



Within a couple of days I’d noticed Atticus had began to position himself in the front of the sitz bath and directly over the water container. He would place 3 paws on the toilet seat and actually manage to get pee and poo in the tiny, little Pounce jar!

This quickly became his favorite place to position himself and, so, was the first to start the process of going in water rather than litter!

Now, I have to tell you, as happy as I was to see Atticus was completely comfortable with the water, especially because Atticus is my scaredy-cat and terrified of his own shadow, it’s beyond gross to clean out a tiny Pounce jar with cat poo in it! I promise you, rubber gloves and a mask will become your besties throughout this process.

So, with week 4 at a close, we were right on schedule and still stress free and accident free!

Please continue reading about our toilet training journey at Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats Weeks 5 and 6.

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