Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats, Week 2

Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats, Week 2

Week two the Littles were introduced to water.

After dumping their old litter, scrubbing their sitz bath, mock toilet, and the bathroom floor, I refilled their sitz bath with fresh litter and the little test-tube full of water and went through the process of locking us away in the bathroom.


Before I could place each Little, one by one, in the mock toilet to introduce them to the water, they were already up on the toilet seats nosing around. Lily was the first to notice the water. She sniffed and pawed at it a couple times before quickly deciding it wasn’t a big deal and dug a spot in her litter to go piddle.

Right behind her, and nearly pushing her out, was Atticus. He too sniffed and pawed it but he decided it would be fun to pull it out of the litter and take off running with it. Retrieving it from his mouth, I filled it up again and placed it back in the litter. Atticus decided this was a really fun game and we needed to play a couple more times before finally giving up and going pee. 

By then Jazzy had taken notice but was only briefly interested in it. She sniffed it once before quickly digging and relieving herself. With each piddle, I eagerly praised them and scooped their little clump to disposed of it in the toilet.


 Over the course of the last couple weeks they all came to enjoy the praise and Bonita Fish Flakes that followed each success. But what they especially enjoyed watching was their mess getting transferred from their trainer to the toilet and being flushed.

It’s really is the simple things in life that make it worth living!  

Fast and Relaxed Learners

It only took about 10 more minutes in the bathroom that morning before they each had  jumped back up to make poo. All told, we were only in the bathroom about 15 minutes that morning. And, even though they didn’t seem bothered by the little test-tube of water, I made sure to again lock us all away after each feeding, nap, or play since I had introduced a new element.

That day went by easily with no stress and no accidents.

Over the next few days I again became confident in their comfort with the water and no longer locked us away, but instead just listened for the familiar sound of them scratching in their litter. With each potty they eagerly awaited their treat and watched as their little clumps were transferred to the toilet and flushed.

Before we knew it, week two had also passed stress free and accident free!

Please continue reading our toilet training journey at Stress-Free Toilet Training For Cats, Weeks 3 and 4.

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