Laser Hair Removal. Well, Sort Of. Part 4

Laser Hair Removal. Well, Sort Of. Part 4

Glutton For Punishment

The 7 weeks since my last laser appointment went by quickly, and it’s now time for my forth treatment. But, in those past seven weeks, I’d noticed a big reduction in the number of hair regrowth and growth time. Where I had been needing to shave every other day, I now only shaved about every third or forth day. I also noticed the hairs that are still growing back are the thicker, more coarse hairs. I also noticed something else, I’m consistently keeping one or two blemishes Laser-Hair-Removal-Zcaine-Postdirectly under my chin. I needed to ask Nicole what might be causing that since I don’t typically get blemishes. 

Because I had errands to run after my appointment, I wore makeup this time and just applied the Zcaine over it about 30 minutes prior to my appointment. What I noticed was that it didn’t work as well as it had in the past, especially on my upper lip. My chin felt slightly numb, but there was no numbing action on my upper lip at all, and that’s where I needed it the most! 

Feel The Burn

Typically, Nicole will start with the right side of my chin and finish with my upper lip, but I asked that we start with the lip first this time. I was feeing very anxious since the Zcaine wasn’t working and really just wanted to get the worst over with right away. And, of course, it was painful!

Because the Zcaine wasn’t working this time, Nicole suggested for my next appointment that after applying the Zcaine, I place Saran wrap over it to prevent the Zcaine from evaporating off my skin. I assure you, I’ll be trying that at my next appointment, but for now I just had to grit my teeth and bear it. 

Taking It On The Chin

I’ve decided Laser Hair Removal on the chin really doesn’t hurt. It isn’t totally painless, but it really does feel very much like a rubber band snap or a bee sting. I think, for me, it was much easier this time starting with the lip because when that was over I was able to relax. When we do it the other way, starting with the chin, I stress the whole time knowing we still have to do my upper lip. And doing the lip first we were able to finish quicker, as well.


Nicole told me, with this treatment, she went deeper into the follicles than she had the last time and this current setting is how we would finish up our last two appointments. She also said I could expect even slower growth time and even fewer hairs after this appointment.

I also asked Nicole about the blemishes on my chin. She explained that the oil from your skin typically sits on fine facial hairs and thought that, perhaps now that those were gone, the oil was sitting directly on my skin causing my skin to break out. She didn’t think it would be a lasting issue and thought it would clear up soon. 

 Final Thoughts

Because my skin gets very red and inflamed after the laser, I’m considering purchasing Zcalm – Post Laser Revitalizing Cream to see if it might help. If I do, I’ll update this post with a short review of the product. Or, if you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear what you think of it!




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