Laser Hair Removal. Well, Sort of. Part 3

Laser Hair Removal. Well, Sort of. Part 3

Due to scheduling issues, first with me, then with the spa, I wasn’t able to get back for my third appointment for nearly three months. During that time I didn’t notice any difference in the number of hairs or in growth time, and still needed to shave every other day. My understanding was it wouldn’t be until after the third appointment before I started noticing any real change. Knowing the upper lip was still painful, even with the wine and Zcaine, and we still weren’t at the highest laser setting, made me a bit nervous to keep going. But, I figured I could endure anything for 10 minutes if it meant I would no longer have to deal with facial hair.

Getting Down to Business

My third appointment went very much like the second had. I again went bare faced and applied the Zcaine about 30 minutes prior to my appointment and again 5 minutes before. Feeling pretty numb, we got started right away.


This time she had the laser at the highest setting, but I didn’t notice any real difference between this and the last appointment. The chin was slightly uncomfortable while the upper lip was downright painful. Being sure to use cotton rolls, I didn’t have the shock to my teeth, but it was still painful. I was just going to have to resign myself to the fact that, no matter what I do, the upper lip is just going to hurt.

The appointment, again, only lasted about 10 minutes, then it was over. In the weeks following it, though, I have noticed a big decline in the number of hairs and the frequency in which they grow. It seems the only ones to really survive that last lasering were the thicker, more course hairs. This gives me confidence that the remaining three appointments will effectively eradicate them, as well!

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