Laser Hair Removal. Well, Sort Of. Part 2

Laser Hair Removal. Well, Sort Of. Part 2

Six weeks had done nothing to diminish the memory of the ungawdly pain that was Laser Hair Removal. But, I was a girl with a plan! I was going to go to this appointment sans makeup (okay, maybe a little mascara and some tinted lip butter) and would apply the Zcaine on my drive to the spa giving it about 30 minutes before my appointment to really begin to work. Then, just before we’d arrive, I’d add a little more just for safe measure! Also, to avoid the shock to my teeth, I’d ask for cotton rolls to place between my lip and gums. This time, I was going to be prepared!


The best part about having this done in a spa, as opposed to a Dr’s office, is the glass of wine they offer you while you wait! Nicole, my aesthetician, was running a little behind that afternoon so when I was offered a second glass, I happily accepted. But only for medicinal purposes. Okay, that’s a complete lie. I’ve never met a grape I didn’t like, so I was never happier to be left waiting past my appointment time. And, besides, it did help calm my nerves a little. No, really, it did.

Getting Down to Business

Feeling numb from the wine Zcaine, I was feeling pretty confident with my plan. Just like the last time, she started with the left side of my chin, working right to left in two rows. And it wasn’t too bad. I could still feel the laser, but with the Zcaine it really did feel like a little rubber band snap. I felt myself relaxing into the table, and my I loosened my grip on the sheet. She quickly finished with the left side of my chin and moved on to the right. I would say, this time, it was more in the realm of “discomfort” than pain.

Then it was time for the upper lip. I placed the cotton rolls in my mouth and told her to go for it. Beginning on the right side and working from the corner of my mouth up, it wasn’t too bad until she got about half way to my nose. Then it was, again, ridiculously painful! I wasn’t getting the shock this time because of the cotton rolls, but it still felt like a cigarette was being touched to my skin. I felt my nails dig onto my palms and held my breath until she finished with that first row. When she did, ending just under my nose, Laser-Hair-Removal-Zcaine-Post I asked her to stop to allow me some time to breathe and relax before she started back down the right side on the second row.

Taking only about a 60 second break, I told her she could start again. As she worked her way back down, the pain lessened as she got closer to the corner of my mouth. After another short break Nicole moved over to the left side of my lip, and the process was the same there. As she worked up toward my nose the pain intensified and it felt more like burns. 

Overall, the Zcaine and cotton rolls  (and wine) did help, but the upper lip was still quite painful and she still wasn’t done cranking up the laser setting.  My next appointment wasn’t for another 7 weeks, but I was already dreading it!

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