Meet The Littles

I have always loved animals. Any animal. And, growing up, I had a mother who allowed me to keep a number of pets. I had turtles, hamsters, gerbils, goldfish, rabbits, and dogs. And that hasn’t changed with age.

I think since we’re a child-free couple, David and I (okay, I) tend to treat our pets as if they are our children, as evidenced by their names. We have Jacob Micheal, Jasmine Alexandra, LilyAnn, and Jack Atticus. Collectively, they are “The Littles”.

Meet Jake

Jake is our 9-year-old Black Lab. He’s an expert in all things edible (and a few that shouldn’t be!) Seriously, the dog will eat anything. His favorite Scooby snacks are bologna, horse poo, and absolutely anything we’re eating. Meet-the-Littles-Jake-Post

We owned both of Jakes parents, also Black Labs, and he was born here in our home with his 7 brothers and sisters. We believe Jake was the first born, but we know he was the last one found.

Smudge, his mama, had given birth while I was at work and was apparently unsure of what was happening because she didn’t pick just one spot to have her litter, she had them all over the house. It was like an Easter egg hunt, but with puppies.

After getting Smudge settled down and thinking I’d found them all, I found Jake INSIDE my husband’s pillow. Apparently, during labor, Smudge found some kind of comfort in shredding Davids pillow and Jake had rooted himself into it. I had to remove nearly all of the stuffing to find him. We still don’t know how the little guy survived all those hours inside there, but I knew we had to keep him.

And I’m so glad we did. He’s a smart, sweet, and gentle boy who loves and gets along well with our kitties, as well as the menagerie of strays, pets, and livestock around our rural “neighborhood”.

 Meet Jasmine 

Meet-the-Littles-Jasmine-2-PostWe adopted Jazzy-girl just over a year ago from a local shelter that had set up outside of Petsmart for the day. We had gone to buy Jake’s food and, while David stopped in next door at Gander Mountain, I couldn’t help but take a peek inside the carrier holding the kittens. By the time David made it over to Petsmart, I had decided she would be going home with us.

She was just over 3 months old and absolutely adorable. She has the sweetest round face and eyes and she purred happily as she slept in my arms while I stood waiting for David and chatted with the shelter workers.

Jasmine is a playful cat, but she’s also a very dainty cat. She’s sweet and gentle when she plays with us, taking care to never use her claws. She loves to snuggle up in our bed to nap and she hides in laundry baskets and under bathmats, lying in wait to swat at anyone who walks by. And she’s very vocal. She calls to me from another room just to make sure I’m still here.

Meet Atticus and Lily

Meet-the-Littles-Atticus-Lily-PostThe way these two came into our lives was pure serendipity.

Deciding we needed a playmate for Jasmine, on one of our many Petsmart runs I wanted to look at an older cat around Jasmine’s age. But when I saw a timid little flat faced white and tan kitten, it was love at first sight. Asking to hold him, I was told he was already in the process of being adopted. I was heartbroken.

But in the cage with him was his littermate, a little gray, white, and tan female. She was scrappy, playful, and full of energy and she was tearing a toy to shreds. It was clear she was going to be a holy terror and, if I couldn’t have him, I had to have her!

The guy from the shelter said he would find us when they were ready for us to sign the paperwork and we were in the process of buying her all the essentials when he found us. He told me the lady adopting her brother thought HE was a SHE and, upon discovering he wasn’t, decided she no longer wanted him. They wanted to know if we were still interested in adopting him. Without thinking about it, I immediately said, “Yes”!

Meet-the-Littles-Atticus-Lily-2-PostBut there was no way I was trading him for the little girl. I was already in love with her and had already picked out her new collar, bed, babies, and food bowl. I wasn’t giving her up! I told him I was sorry for the other lady but if she didn’t want him I was just going to have to adopt them both!

Thankfully, I have a husband who accepts that I lose all reasoning when it comes to animals, especially baby animals, and allowed me to let out my inner crazy cat lady that day because I wasn’t leaving without both. And we didn’t.

An hour later, we were barreling down the highway headed for home with two kittens, beds, bowls, food, and toys in tow. Poor Jasmine had no idea how her world was about to change!



Atticus is my “Cowardly Lion” and he is my heart. He’s shy and timid and jumps at his own shadow! Something as simple as a pair of socks on my feet will send him running to hide.

He doesn’t like loud noises or sudden movements, and it took him about 3 months to decide Jake wasn’t going to eat him. 

Atticus has the sweetest face with big orange eyes. He has a very soft meow and only gets vocal when he’s ready to eat. 

Atticus gets in the strangest positions to sleep and they rarely look comfortable. He’s a snuggler and loves to curl up on my feet. When he’s ready for a nap he can usually be found snuggled up with Lily and suckling her ear. (Typically they’re both lying on my feet, and he’s driving me nuts with the sound of him suckling Lily’s ear!)


Lily is the Yin to Atticus’ Yang. I can’t imagine one without the other. They are opposites in every possible way. Lily is brave, rough, and very much Atticus’ protector.

She’s a tiny cat with almond shaped green eyes and is very vocal. Lily “talks” often, letting me know when she’s ready to eat, unhappy with her litter, or ready to curl up on me for a nap. She’s also a triller, often making pigeon-like sounds, and will go back and forth with me for several minutes.

Meet-the-Littles-Atticus-Lily-3-PostLily is the only cat I’ve ever had that naturally plays fetch. She’ll bring a baby to me and drop it in my lap. If don’t acknowledge her right away, she’ll touch my face with her paw and loudly meow in my face. And she won’t stop until I either throw her baby or hide it. And, yes, I’ve been known to hide them because I believe she would happily play until my arm fell off!

Along with hours of entertainment, all 4 of our Littles add so much love and joy to our lives.  



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