Meet Melissa

Winter 2011 (2)Though I have many interests and roles, my favorite role, by far, is that of David’s wife. David and I have been married since 1998 and are a child-free couple enjoying our middle years. Though we are very close, we are not and have never been that couple that needs to be together at all times. Though I love being his wife, I’m not defined by it. We understand we are two individuals living a life together and we respect each others need for individuality and the desire to have our own space and experiences. Though we don’t have any children, we are “pet parents” to our 4 Littles; Jacob is our Black Lab, and Jasmine, Lily, and Atticus are our cats.

I’ve often been described as a gypsy by friends and family. I love to travel and David and I do it as often as we can. We’ve been all over the U.S as well as Europe, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and many islands in the Mediterranean.

I’m also a dental office manager who is passionate about educating people about the importance of oral health. I started my career 23 years ago as an expanded functions dental assistant so I understand, for many people, the dental chair is as welcomed as the electric chair. But it’s always been my hope that with gentle and compassionate care and education, I’ve been able to change that opinion for my patients with a fear of dentistry.

Besides my love of travel, I have many other interests. I love politics, am an avid reader and have found cooking is the best therapy for this brain that never shuts down!

David and I are both Pisces and we love water! Whether it’s a day on the lake or ocean, I’m always happy and relaxed on the water. We love to spend summer days at the lake fishing and jet skiing and have several cruises planned in the next year. Just like ourCaribbean Cruise to Grand Cayman and Jamaica, I can’t wait to share those adventures with you, too.

We’re proud “granola’s” who try to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. We recycle and reuse, as well as compost. I buy organic and non-GMO foods when I can, carry and use cloth grocery bags, and I use as many “green” products as I can, including beauty products, clothing, and household goods.

I’ve always loved writing so when a friend and fellow blogger suggested I begin my own blog, my first thought was “what do I have to say?”. Then I decided, even if no one reads what I write, it’s a way to chronicle our adventures and day to day life so I decided to jump in head first.

So, why A Room For Two With A View? Because, whenever we travel, I always request “a room for two with a view”. When I thought about starting a blog and what I would talk about, I always came back to the two of us living this adventure together and our sincere desire to truly appreciate and grow from life’s experiences, good and bad, and to remember the view from each peak or valley.

If you’d like to know more about me, please check out my “10 Random Questions About Me, Answered” post. And, if that’s still not enough information about me, then please email me so I can recommend a good therapist.

Happy reading and I hope you come back to visit with me often!



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