Meet David


My husband is a man of very few words and he’s a “say what I mean and mean what I say” kinda guy. Most people find him difficult to engage because, by nature, he’s a very quiet and reserved man. But, being a Southern boy, he has a relaxed and easy way that makes everyone feel comfortable.

David is a self-proclaimed “granola” because he’s always trying to find new ways to live a greener, more natural lifestyle. He organic gardens, composts, worm composts, and collects rainwater for our plants and flowers inside and outside the house.

David and I love adventure and we enjoy trying new things and having new experiences. On vacation a few years ago, David wanted to parasail and talked me into doing it with him. Although it wasn’t something I would have ever done on my own, (I’m not a fan of heights!) I agreed to do it with him. It was exhilarating and incredibly fun! We are truly best friends and partners in crime.

We will be married 17 years in Sept.

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